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Submit your Apple Store proposal with

Have you shopped the popular pre-built models first?

  • Pre-built Apple configurations usually ship quicker than custom proposals and select models may be in-stock at the Campus Computer for small quantity pickup or delivery. Click here to shop the full Apple catalog.

Do you need to get a quote?

  • If you don't have an email titled 'Proposal [proposal number]' you will need to create an Apple Store Proposal at the Apple Store.
  • At 'Number or Company/Institution' enter 49620.
  • In the Request Access screen enter Role 'Proposer'.

From the Apple Store

  • Select, customize and add the products to the cart.
  • Click 'Send Proposal' (in blue text under the green Continue button)
  • Click 'Continue'
  • When you see 'Summary for Proposal #..' close Apple's online store.
  • You will receive an email titled 'Proposal [proposal number]'

Once you have received the email titled 'Proposal [proposal number]'

  • Open the PDF attachment in Adobe Acrobat. Make sure you are in the Adobe Acrobat application and not a Preview window. The procedure only works in Adobe Acrobat. Under the Edit menu 'Select All' then 'Copy' the contents of the PDF
  • On our store, click on Cart and "Add Quote"
  • Paste Apple Store Proposal into the box and submit.
  • The Apple proposal should now be loaded into your cart for, please continue shopping or checkout as necessary.

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